Three Walking Dead Movies Are Coming

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, is leaving the show, however he’s not done playing his character in the more extensive universe. As per EW, AMC is chipping away at various new Walking Dead films, and Lincoln is set to play Grimes in something like one of them.

Strolling Dead boss substance officer Scott Gimple revealed to EW that AMC Studios is creating the motion pictures for TV, not theaters, and they’re “most likely” going to air on AMC.


The last scene of AMC’s The Walking Dead including Lincoln publicized today, and in it, Grimes scarcely survives a progression of emotional occasions. The new motion pictures are centered around Grimes, and they’ll get after we keep going saw him on the TV appear.

“These will be enormous, epic diversions,” Gimple said of the films. “Each are quality movies. That is what’s been occurring in the business. We’ve seen Netflix make these, essentially, studio films for individuals to watch in their homes, and we will do a similar kind of thing here.”

Gimple proceeded to state that he is “to a great degree working diligently” on the first of the new Walking Dead motion pictures; it should begin recording in 2019, however nothing is secured at this stage.

The new Rick Grimes films will occur in “another circumstance with its own history” that is, “altogether different from what we’ve seen previously” on The Walking Dead, Gimple said.

The character Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), who is on the helicopter with Grimes, is additionally going to be in the new Walking Dead movies, Gimple said.

In an official statement, Gimple clarified that the motion pictures will tell an “epic story told over years.”

Notwithstanding the movies, there will be different specials and computerized arrangement featuring characters who may have kicked the bucket on the TV appear. “You will see characters that are dead and gone… we will see diverse accounts of future characters… we will see all around the globe. We will see the past, the future… ”

For parcels more on today’s scene of The Walking Dead and what everything may mean, look at GameSpot’s inside and out once-over and examination here.

Notwithstanding the new Walking Dead films, Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season is getting wrapped up by another studio after Telltale came apart, while Payday engineer Overkill Software is dealing with another Walking Dead shooter.

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