Total War: Warhammer 2 Curse of the Vampire Coast

The Vampire Coast is Total War: Warhammer 2’s latest race, and its first since the Tomb Kings way back in January. You, along with three other players, have to battle seemingly endless hordes of enemies in a gothic setting.
The Vampire Coast factions will be playable in both the Vortex campaign and the gargantuan Mortal Empires campaign.
Creative Assembly has really leaned into the pirate stuff. Faction leaders get their own upgradeable ship that functions like a mobile camp, a bit like Total War’s horde factions, but with plenty of special seafaring tricks.

A new race also means a slew of inventive and game-changing mechanics at the strategic level, a new army roster, four new Legendary Lords and plenty more. Khazrak One-Eye, Malagor, and Morghur have all received changes in the new patch

Where the other factions must accrue ritual currency, Infamy is essentially the goal of the Vampire Coast campaign.
Pirate coves can be secretly established in other cities belonging to other factions, siphoning off cash, trade and research.
Pirate coves are basically a way for you to profit from enemy territory without investing in it. When you successfully conquer an enemy port (denoted by an anchor icon), you can establish a cove there instead of the usual occupy, sack, and raze options.

All the legendary pirate lords are trying to find verses of an ancient sea shanty that will let them summon a dreadful monster. The goal? Kill the monster and then raise it as an undead minion.
Monsters and hardened, psychologically resilient infantry like Ironbreakers are sub-optimal match-ups, and of course its real weakness is elite anti-large

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