What The Golf Is Coming To PlayStation, PCs Later This Year

What the Golf is officially coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles. The release is set to include all current updates and has been optimized for Sony consoles.

What the Golf’s Among Us update hits Switch tomorrow and there’s a PlayStation release “soon”.

What The Golf? is, at heart, a comedy game with puzzles, challenges, and loads of surprises. Hot dogs, office chairs, and a multitude of utterly random objects. Come back every day to play new courses and win a bunch of more or less useful prizes.
Since its initial Apple Arcade release, What the Golf has jumped to PC and Switch, receiving various bits of free post-launch content along the way.

Away from Among Us, What the Golf will be making its PlayStation 4 and 5 debut “soon”, with Triband promising the likes of DualSense support, as well as all updates currently released for the title, at launch.

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