Mozilla Added WebP Image Support to Firefox 65

Mozilla is bringing support for Google’s WebP picture organization to Firefox 65. The WebP picture organize was made by Google as an advanced configuration intended for showing pictures on the web.

“WebP lossless pictures are 26% littler in size contrasted with PNGs. WebP lossy pictures are 25-34% littler than practically identical JPEG pictures at equal SSIM quality record.” states Google.

Prevalent programs, for example, Chrome, Opera, and Edge as of now bolster the WebP picture arrange and with the arrival of rendition 65, Firefox will too.

Sadly, even with Firefox 65, WebP bolster isn’t as of now empowered as a matter of course as can be seen when you go to Google’s WebP display.

WebP not empowered in Firefox 65

WebP not empowered in Firefox 65

To empower WebP bolster in Firefox, you have to go to the about:config page and set the image.webp.enabled setting to genuine utilizing the accompanying guidelines.

In the Firefox address bar enter about:config and press enter.

A page will open expressing that “This may void your guarantee!”. Tap on the “I acknowledge the hazard!” catch.


To empower WebP, scan for webp and when the image.webp.enabled setting shows up, double tap on it to set its incentive to genuine.

Empower image.webp.enabled setting

When WebP is empowered, Firefox will have the capacity to legitimately render WebP pictures as demonstrated as follows.

WebP empowered in Firefox 65

WebP empowered in Firefox 65

While the choice to utilize the WebP picture arrange is subject to the specific picture, one thing is clear; the more picture designs that a program underpins is better for the end client.


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